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The Best Thing to do in Florida!

Looking for the best thing to do in Florida? You've found the right place for a spectacular Florida flying adventure. We cater to both thrill seekers and the not-so-thrilled alike. From exhilarating takeoffs, to taking the controls of the aircraft, to getting inspired from the breathtaking views. This includes coastline, rivers, marshes, white sand beaches with it's brilliant turquoise waters, you are in for an experience and adventure of a lifetime!


Best thing to do in Florida USA

Hang Glide USA offers powered hang gliding flights for the first time pilot as well as those with experience. We do this by offering interactive flight lessons using an Airborne XT 912. The minute you step into our Airborne Tundra cockpit, you will immediately notice how comfortable it really is. You will feel safe, secure and you’re guaranteed to have a remarkable time. Our flights are not only scenic and awe-inspiring, but also a "hands-on" learning experience. You will discover why we are truly one of the funnest things to do in Florida.

best thing to do in Florida

Powered hang gliding, otherwise known as trike flying, is an experience in freedom and adventure that is unmatched. Flying up to a thousand feet or more, you will experience aerial views unlike any other form of aviation. With your hands on the control bar and the earth below, our trikes let you feel the air and touch the clouds as you glide effortlessly through the sky.

best thing to do in Florida

Our trike pilots have many years of flight experience under their belts which help keep their flight students at ease. They are certified and insured. They will provide an Amelia Island aerial tour that you will talking about for an extremely long time. We are extremely proud of our 100% safety record.

best thing to do in Florida

The breathtaking views brought to you by our excursion flights will provide vast sightseeing in a reasonable time. Like you would see through skydiving, parachute diving or bungee jumping. It's a much longer experience, similar to a helicopter flight or an hot air balloon ride. There are no boring class room sessions for this intro lesson. We will get you dressed in a stylish flight suit, do a quick safety briefing and then just go flying. It is all about flying for your discovery lesson.


Best thing to do in Florida USA

If your looking for what to do in Florida, we will provide an adventure for any fun seeker. Including fun things to do with kids and children of all ages. Visit our our Testimonials page from our grateful guests who experienced a powered hang gliding experience like no other as well as our Media page for photos and videos from our past flights.

Hang glide Florida

We are conveniently located just north of Jacksonville and depart from Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport in Nassau County, Florida. Our trikes will travel up the Northeastern Florida coastline. We then cross the border into South Georgia on the very delightful Cumberland Island. This makes a fantastic tourist attraction with the combination of Georgia and Florida. We are also known for our wildlife eco tours. From seeing the animals on the island including the dolphins near the coast to the wild horses that roam Cumberland Island.

best thing to do in Florida

Prepare yourself for the flight lesson of a lifetime that you will never forget. Soar over the beauty and wonder of Amelia Island. Experience stunning Cumberland Island and the vivid green marshes on Fernandina Beach from a birds-eye view few ever experience. Bring your family, friends and come join us for a unique and wondrous flying experience you will not forget… A perfect surprise for a birthday, wedding, anniversary or just something special to scratch off that bucket list.

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